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San Pedro Tax Preparation and Accounting

When you think of Los Angeles and/or San Pedro Tax Preparation, think of KD Enterprises Inc. Do you need assistance with your tax accounting?  Don’t we all? In fact most businesses often wait till the last minute and even file extensions as our busy schedules take up all our time. Because of this, most times sacrifices of our personal life or even family time are made just to get it done. However all this stress and time-crunch is unnecessary because we have your way out.

You, your tax preparation and bookkeeping needs are in expert hands.  This is because KD Enterprises Co provides one of the best tax preparation and accounting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, seniors, small business and non-profit organizations all over Los Angeles and locally in San Pedro.

KD Enterprises Co is Your One-Stop Solution

Step 1

Simply gather up your files, records and receipts.

Paper receipts, electronic receipts, statements, downloaded financial reports, whatever you have, we’ll help you collect them to be entered. Our focus is to make sure you get the maximum write-offs for the best return possible.

Step 2

KD Enterprises Co will organize, enter and complete.

If you have a data entry system on your computer, that will work fine. If you do “shoe-box accounting” we can work with you as well. Our goal is to help you get organized, ready and in a position to file.

Step 3


Enjoy your extra time and money saved as KD Enterprises Co handles the rest for you.

Los Angeles Tax Preparation and Accounting Specialists

If you’re in Los Angeles County give us a call. Because United States income tax laws are considered to be increasingly complicated, many taxpayers like you seek outside assistance with taxes; especially when it comes to Sole Proprietors and Corporations. We are specialists in all types and have been in business for more than 30 years. We’ve got you and your business or personal goals in mind.

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