Adrian J. Adams, Esq.

Adams & Aucoin, LLP Attorneys At Law

I have known Kathleen Daniels professionally for over ten years.  I worked with her when I was on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Community Association Institute and watched her take a tiny struggling chapter and grow it into a large thriving organization.  Kathleen has outstanding people skills, is well organized and is one of the most dedicated hard-working people I know.  Kathleen will be a prized asset to any organization.  If you are considering Ms. Daniels for a position in your organization, I urge you to hire her immediately before someone else beats you to it.

Cesar & Ilusion Millan

Millan Foundation

Our Hall of Fame Award.  This magnificent lady has been with our organization for approximately 5 years now.  Although she has always been an outside contracting service, she has acted as our ambassador to not only the Millans in every professionally possible way, but given us her full time and authentic concern for the well being of everyone around her within our organization.  She has also nurtured the personal and professional growth of our team.  She has supported our vision, passion and business decision with care and encouragement, never indulging in the power of her position.  She has and continues to be a wonderful asset and talent to our team by always displaying and sharing her positive outlook In every situation.  We are truly thankful for having her as our lotus flower within our empire because she has truly stood in with eloquent beauty and gracefulness when things looked muddy and swampy as a true lotus flower does.  She has shown us resilience and the true power of positive thinking and visualization with all things that have come our way both exciting and challenging.  We are awarding Ms. Kathleen Daniels with our Hall of Fame Award for conveying and implementing her talents so that our organization can be a better place to work for all of us.

Dale Stein, President

Westec Security Services

Kathleen Daniels was employed as an Administrative Assistant in the Corporate Offices from February 9, 1981 through September 20, 1982.  During that time, she proved to be a remarkable young woman who combined all the qualities necessary to make her a top notch employee. Kathleen is a very conscientious worker who can handle a wide variety of functions at the same time in an efficient manner.  She is an excellent organizer, communicates effectively with clients, shows tremendous enthusiasm, loyalty and I personally found her trustworthy in every respect.

DeWitt Lancaster, Vice President

Finance Chevron Construction Company

Kathleen began working for our company in July, 1979.  In addition to performing all my secretarial functions, she performed all the accounting department’s secretarial requirements and shared in the accounts payable responsibilities.  She reconciled invoices to contracts, secured proper approvals, typed checks, and obtained funds from bank construction loans. Kathleen is a very conscientious worker who demands to be kept busy and does all her assigned tasks in an efficient manner.  On several occasions and on her own initiative, she would re-type letters, that didn’t look quite right, thus enabling me to present a very professional appearance to outsiders.  Her mature manner was also an important stabilizing force in our office. I regret that Kathleen was one of the several people in our company involved in a layoff due to rising interest rates and related economic problems affecting the construction industry.  Her services will be missed.

Edward Myska

Senior Vice President, Business BankingFirst Coastal Bank, N.A.

As the immediate past president of CAI, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Kathleen Daniels.  Kathleen has spent her last 12 years as Executive Director of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Community Association Institute.  I have been in banking for over 25 years and involved in many non-profit organizations.  Never before have I worked with an Executive Director that has had the work ethic, attention to detail, and people skills of Ms. Daniels.  Her honesty and integrity is extremely important to her and was an asset to our Chapter.  Her leadership and fund-raising abilities have helped our Chapter become one of the largest and most successful in the country. I am confident that you would be pleased with her job performance and find Kathleen a pleasure to work with.

Jerry Windman


I have known Kathleen for over 25 years now, and we have always worked well together. She really is a team player.  What impresses me most about Kathleen is her ability to handle a variety of business functions.  On top of that, she knows when to bring in the other experts on the team in order to meet the needs of her clients.  I am comfortable referring Kathleen to my clients for a variety of business and personal needs.

Mark E. Robbins

CAE Vice President - Chapter Development and Services CAI

Kathleen had been employed by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Community Associations Institute for 12 years, serving as its executive director.  In that time, the Chapter grew from fewer than 90 members to more than 600.  Much of this was due to the hard work, dedication and creative problem solving exhibited by Kathleen. Kathleen has proven herself to be a reliable and self-reliant individual.  Her attention to detail keeps her focused and keeps the members satisfied.  She is deeply committed to her work and has been able to develop solid relationships, which helped to promote and grow the chapter. She has maintained a steady level of education and training in association management.  She values her interaction with other association professionals and is quick with a solution when problems arise. In my position with the Community Association Institute, I work with staff and volunteers from 56 chapters all across the country.  Kathleen has proven herself to be among the best of this group over the years.  It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Kathleen Daniels to you.

Ronald S. Stone, PhD, CPA Professor,

California State University, Northridge

Just a short note to say that I enjoyed working with you over the last few years.  I learned a lot from being on the board, enjoyed listening and working with other board members, and would strongly recommend the experience to others. You are very professional, polite, enthusiastic, conscientious, and deserve much credit for the chapter’s growth.  The chapter is extremely fortunate to have you as CED.  I can’t imagine things running as smoothly, if you weren’t paying attention to all the details that make CAI a superb organization.

Timothy Cline, President

Greater Los Angeles Chapter CAI

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Kathleen Daniels.  For some eleven years Kathleen served as this organization’s Executive Director.  Kathleen was extremely effective in that position.  Under her leadership, the Chapter’s membership grew from less than one hundred members to over 640. Kathleen has excellent leadership and communication skills.  She has the ability to work with many different personalities and yet still be effective.  Despite the occasional deadlines and accompanying pressure, she always handled herself extremely professionally.  When dealing with complaints, Kathleen would always work extra hard to resolve the issue quickly, always anxious to keep the individual member happy, but keeping the best interests of the organization in mind. Kathleen was never content with the status quo.  She was open to suggestions and constructive criticism, stating that she is always looking for ways to improve the organization and herself.  After many years as the organization’s Executive Director, Kathleen took it upon herself to get additional training.  She enrolled herself in courses taught by the American Society of Association Executives and paid for these courses at her own expense. I recommend Kathleen to any potential employer without hesitation.  Kathleen Daniels will rise to the top, whatever she does.