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The Need for Tax Preparation in San Pedro

Did you know that according to statistics cited by the IRS; that about 7% of people in a given area has some sort of tax problem? From unpaid taxes to mistakes in their tax accounting, San Pedro alone that’s a little more than 5000 people have tax problems.  We are being promised a tax cut, but unfortunately this won’t be available till next tax season.

Typically businesses fall into the majority with tax issues – especially small businesses and home businesses. From lack of time, insufficient record-keeping and/or poor software; many businesses find themselves in a bit of panic as we get closer and closer to April.  What’s more is that each year these issues compound and so unpaid tax obligations, unreported income, employment tax, etc… from last year, need to be handled with all the things that happened this year.

NOTE: KD Enterprises Co. specializes in tax accounting. It is our mission to not only help you get caught up, but stay on top of your accounting all year no matter how busy it gets. By hiring KD Enterprises Co, you are assured accurate, on-time accounting – but knowledge from decades of experience that will help you save money, eliminate debt and possibly find that coveted refund! Call 310-339-0898 Today!

Tax Accounting is A Serious Part of Business

Frustrated Tax Preparation IssuesTax penalties can hit really hard. In fact, in most cases penalties alone from late interest, failure to file and accuracy problems can tack on 20-30% more to what you owe making the amount a daunting mountain to tackle.  Even still, this is not as bad as the emotional stress and strain you may go through if these accounting issues trigger an audit.

Most people and businesses start off great, but as free time gets replaced with busy time, finding themselves in the middle of tax crisis is all too common and can be prevented.

Let KD Enterprises Co, as tax experts get you back on track with your tax accounting issues. And yes, you do not have to have issues before you call us. In fact, we prefer it that way. We want to help you succeed and staying on top of your accounting is one of the most important ways to do so.

So whether you’re in trouble or not, give us a call at 310-339-0898 or use the form to the right to contact us and let’s make 2018 where you got back on top of your tax accounting a reality!

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