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About Kathleen Daniels & San Pedro Accounting

I Am Committed to Helping You Manage Your Business.

Office Management, Tax and Accounting Management & More!

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Kathleen Daniels is Effective

Kathleen Daniels and the KD Enterprises team are effective and has their ability to get the job done and accomplish anything you need in San Pedro accounting. Kathleen’s decades of experience and proven track record in accounting creates a benefit to any business and makes a huge difference in the office atmosphere which translates into the bottom line, your bottom line.

Kathleen Daniels is Trusted

Kathleen Daniels has previously worked with celebrities like the “Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan as his accountant for 10 years. In fact, Kathleen’s Rottweiler named Solomon who is a service dog appeared on the television show “60 minutes” with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan in 2010.

With KD Enterprises, Kathleen is committed to providing personalized service that is specifically catered to your needs and to help your business achieve it’s financial goals.

With a dynamic award-winning career as a financial administrator, Kathleen is recognized all throughout Los Angeles for developing and managing innovative, cost-effective programs and events.

Kathleen Daniels is an Expert

Although she has experience with big name celebrities like Cesar and larger companies like Lloyds of London, Bercy Industries and Westec Security Services (among others), Kathleen applies the same professionalism and skills to any business, no matter what the size.

Give Kathleen a call today and experience for yourself the difference Kathleen will make for your accounting in San Pedro today!

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