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In the rush of today’s business, there are so many things to get done and only a certain amount of hours per day. KD Enterprises Co can not only take on your work-load, but also afford you newly freed up time to grow your business. Fill out the form and let us give you the freedom you’ve been waiting for!


Los Angeles Accounting

los angeles accounting

Many families today are made up of working parents, or are parents that work from home. Entrepreneurs especially embark on self-employment so they can enjoy more freedoms that comes with setting your own schedule. Unfortunately, as our customer demands increase, so do our time requirements.

So often parents, especially single mothers have to juggle their lives with taking care of their family and clients together. This juggling act often leads to miss-managed time for both. KD Enterprises as your virtual financial assistant can alleviate the soaked up time your business demands.

Los Angeles accounting, is what we do. What that means is we take on the tasks that can be managed without you, freeing up your precious time so you can attend to your family and customers both efficiently and worry-free. We will manage your financial needs including accounting, taxes, bookkeeping, paperwork, correspondence, and even run errands for you! You can also benefit from new customer and senior discounts we offer, as well as referral gifts. It’s time for you to enjoy your work again and more importantly, enjoy more family time.

Let us save you time and money as your virtual office assistant.  Call 310.339.0898 today for a free estimate.

Los Angeles Bookkeeping

Los Angeles Bookkeeping

Has your company grown in the past 3 years? Have you been able to enjoy more family time? Or time to yourself while your company flourishes? Most often then not, companies find themselves in a rut or even slipping back in progress a bit. Hours seem to increase and profits don’t.

This is typical as the day-to-day tasks mount up. But there’s good news! This is where we can come assist you. KD Enterprises is your “one-stop” shop to virtual bookkeeping assistance for all your business needs. We offer an array for services, from accounting, bookkeeping, errands, organizing, secretarial services and even business or senior financial services.

Los Angeles bookkeeping is our specialty but we can take on your whole office if you need us! Check out our website to learn more about our services and you’ll see we are quite efficient in helping your business grow by managing the day-to-day things that keep you too busy to expand.

Let us save you time and money as your virtual office assistant.  Call 310.339.0898 today for a free estimate.

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