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Accounting and Bookkeeping in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Accounting and BookkeepingKD Enterprises Co is a full office assistant, which also specializes in various services needed for any office. In Los Angeles accounting services are plentiful, as it is in the surrounding areas. However what sets us apart are two things; 1) we’ve been in business for decades and have clients that stay with us about as long.  2) our pricing is affordable, and our services are professional.

What this means is now small business owners, entrepreneurs and even individual are now able to get professional, services that corporations benefit from. This is because Kathleen Daniels has an outstanding reputation with years of experience to pull from at your office.

No longer will you have to spend hours and hours of time you could invest in your family and/or business doing record keeping.  Or services cover a wide range and we specialize in every one of them. Two in particular are accounting and bookkeeping.

Los Angeles Accounting Service For You

Did you know that just walking into the average Best Buy or Fry’s, etc… you’ll find a myriad of accounting software to help you keep track of whatever goods or services you offer. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in technology. And while that is a great thing, the down side is – how will you find time to learn it? And if you did, when will you find the time to actually use it?

That’s where we come in. KD Enterprises Co is your professional accounting service. We can use your software or use our own which is proven over time with our clients throughout the years. We know that the newest, latest and greatest accounting software isn’t always the best – and we make sure you always have the best to rely on in your business.

We know that accounting is vital to any business, and without the right business accounting services you will not be able to manage your business effectively, let alone profitable. We alleviate the mistakes that businesses fall into as they struggle to keep up with their records. Whether small and up-and-coming businesses or established larger businesses we make sure you’ll never again make poor reporting and accounting.

Los Angeles Bookkeeping - A Specialized Accounting Service

One specialty service that is an important part of accounting is bookkeeping. Los Angeles bookkeeping and the surrounding area is where we operate. Our bookkeeping services will be provided to you in your choice of either remotely or onsite. If you are unsure, we will make recommendations. We know how important these records are so we are sensitive to what you need in getting this job done.

Our bookkeeping services include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and balancing your checkbook/ledger with your bank and credit card statements. Through this, we reconcile all your accounts in any size business; whether you are a start-up business, a growing business or a mature corporation.

So why hire staff?  Why get bogged down in paperwork, reports and government forms? Why not let KD Enterprises Co do your monthly bookkeeping at a fraction of the cost of an employee, saving your hours of time you can spend back into your business again or with your family.

When you retain our services, we work with you and your goals. Fill out the form above and we’ll call you today and let’s help you get on top of things again!